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This isn't like any other broadband speed test. Customers With Disabilities Skip to navigationSkip to main content Wireless Residential Business Sign In/Register Hi (SignOut) Sign In/Register CLOSE Location Contact Us visit Verizon home page Last Signed The Fibre network, like broadband over ADSL, is shared with other properties within your Local Fibre Company (LFC) and Retail Service Provider (RSP) networks. How do I get the most accurate speed test results? Source

Fast.com will test internet speed globally on any device (phone, laptop, or smart TV with browser). Most computers measure filesize in 'bytes' rather than bits. You probably already know, but here’s a few pro tips to make sure you get the best results during your test: Connect your computer directly to your router using an Ethernet The quality of the phone wiring in your house. http://www.speedtest.net/

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The speed test measures the connectivity from your computer to Spark's core network. The internet does not operate in direct paths. Keep in mind these will likely be significantly lower due to computer, tablet, or phone limitations. There are 8 bits to 1 byte, 1024 bytes to the kilobyte and 1024 kilobytes to the megabyte.

If you prefer, our older Flash-based test is also still available. The larger the window size, the higher the speeds. This helps other visitors to our site to decide which is the best broadband provider for their needs, as do any ratings you leave for your provider. Verizon Speed Test If you currently experience regular buffering of videos and slowdowns when other people are using your connection then you'd also very likely benefit from a speed upgrade.

Don't let other so-called "tests" fool you... Make sure that nothing else is using your Internet connection. Technically the service can support speed between 15 - 70Mbps downstream and 5-10Mbps upstream. *VDSL speeds can vary widely depending on a property’s location, the condition of its copper wiring, how We believe this is a more accurate representation of your true speed.

JavaScript is also used heavily throughout the site (even to display the Flash), so make sure you don't have it disabled! Speed Definition When your speed test starts so does a timer, precision of which is measured in ten thousandths of a second. Broadband provider is detected by IP address rather than self selection. TestMy has a unique testing method and can help you diagnose connection, browser and operating system issues that other speed tests fail to detect.

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Remember, TestMy.net is a third party and has no vested interest in your test results. Source: ARN iiNet, TPG consumer complaints skyrocket Complaints about Vodafone and Telstra decreased, while those about Optus and iiNet/TPG rose, according to the Ombudsman's annual report. Speed Drug The fact is, if the information used to calculate the result is altered... What Is A Good Internet Speed What is the best way touse Xfinity Speed Test?

VDSL Speed Speeds will vary by property* but an average NZ household, could see downstream speeds up to 3x faster and upstream speeds as much as 9x faster than a standard http://allsoftwarereviews.com/speed-test/check-internet-connection-speed.php Quick NavigationDownload Speed TestUpload Speed TestMultithread Speed TestSpeed Test Results DatabaseSpeed Test LegitimacyContact TMNPopular ForumsGeneral DiscussionShow off your speedHELP!Off Topic DiscussionMake it Faster...North American Providers (Including Canada)New MembersGot any ideas to The TCP window size determines how many packets can be sent at one time. Your modem/router - Higher quality hardware can improve your download speed. Centurylink Speed Test

What do my speed test results mean? 8 Kilobits (Kb) = 1 Kilobyte (KB) 8 Megabits (Mb) = 1 Megabyte (MB) KB and MB are measurements of data file sizes and Download Speed: The speed of the connection when downloading from the Internet to your computer. It then calculates your current distance from the server you selected. have a peek here To reach a Speed Test server, your traffic may not be routed in a direct line to the server's geographical location.

Download speed is most relevant for people who are consuming content on the internet, and we want Fast.com to be a very simple and fast speed test. Comcast Speed Test Why are my wireless connection speeds slower than my wired connection speeds? If possible turn these off or turn off the wifi connection.

How does the speed test work?

You can even test your speed on a mobile phone without installing any apps! How do I get the most accuratespeed test results? If results from Fast.com and other internet speed tests often show less speed than you have paid for, you can ask your ISP about the results. Time Warner Speed Test What do the test terms mean?

The download test is performed with cache prevention via a random string appended to each download. This test can measure speeds upto 300 Mbps. We also recommend you do an isolation test, where you disconnect all devices that are connected to the phone line throughout your house, and try moving the ADSL Modem to different http://allsoftwarereviews.com/speed-test/check-speed-of-connection.php TestMy.net is the original truly accurate browser based Internet speed test.Mobile Device TestingUse TestMy.net's same powerful bandwidth testing tools on Android and iOS (iPhone, iPod and iPad).

We work for the Internet consumers not the Internet providers. Compatible. However if you're on a smaller budget provider then factors such as traffic management and peak time congestion may be slowing you down either due to artificial limits or the supplier's But don't fret, as you still benefit from a 1Gb connection with activities like streaming and using multiple devices.

Obviously on a 76Mb connection these times are roughly halved (or a little over). Host a Speedtest Server Join the thousands of others helping us to provide the world's most accurate Speedtest platform.