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Cleaning Dvd Discs


It takes time, but it's worth it. Reply Katina says May 23, 2013 at 10:27 pm Well I don't see where it tells you how to fix it. The Brasso may work the best. You may need to bring in the big guns: a disc sanding or polishing machine. http://allsoftwarereviews.com/how-to/clean-dvd-discs.php

Reply Jean says October 26, 2009 at 7:36 pm I have fixed a ton of CD´s with hydrogen peroxide. It may be duller or have more minor scratches (key word: minor), but when you stick it in your CD player, DVD player or computer it should play cleanly – or Never use paper products such as lens paper in order to clean the DVD. Things You'll Need Mild dish detergent in case dirt is stubborn.

How To Clean Dvd Disc With Scratches

Apply the condom oil on the disc, then spray a little deodorant. 2. This can be a risk to irreparably damaging the DVD. Brink says January 7, 2009 at 8:22 pm I'm giving away a trade secret, but I live far enough that it won't matter too much. Always keep the CD in its jewel case or a paper sleeve.

So depending on how deep you scratch the disc, and what type of disc you are talking about you can get multiple repairs out of nearly every disc, with the least To minimize oil spots, users should be sure to never touch the surface of the disc and always hold the disk by its outer and inner sides. As a result your DVD will be damaged beyond repair. How To Clean A Dvd With Toothpaste Then use the cloth to gently buff the disc.

MAKE SURE IT'S NOT WHITENING toothpaste. Lightscribe is a technology that allows users to burn labels into the surface of a ... You won’t need a lot of your cleaning solution – a teaspoon at most for one disc. http://www.howtocleanstuff.net/how-to-fix-a-scratched-cd-or-dvd/ If our disc repair operator spots a crack these discs will not be attempted to be repaired as they may completely break apart into pieces during the high speed disc repair

In a DVD, the data is sandwiched between two polycarbonate layers, each 0.6-mm thick. How To Fix A Dvd That Skips And Freezes As it "plays", it cleans the laser that's responsible for reading your discs. If you don't have Brasso, peanut butter is a great second choice. I worked from the center out, let it dry and then used a little water with an old white shirt and it worked perfect!

How To Clean A Dvd That Won't Play

Dry the CD and then try it out. http://www.howtocleanthings.com/electronics/how-to-clean-a-dvd/ Locate and check the depth of the scratches Taking a close look at the disc cab help you determine your course of action. How To Clean Dvd Disc With Scratches They can range up to 50.00$. (F rating) Simo Technology (150.00) This machine is good at getting light scratches out and cleaning discs. (C- rating) Azuradisc Model 747 (750.00) Good at How To Remove Scratches From A Dvd Then, while it's still hot, play it in the CD drive (sometimes doesn't work).

It helped a lot my dvd/cd wouldn't work; once I did these tips it worked good as new!! - Jasmine Garrett Very helpful information. this content k+1i0 Please wait... Just look under your sink, get the Pledge and spray your CD with it. How to Copy DVD Movies Movie lovers may like a movie on a DVD and want to copy it to ... How To Clean A Dvd Player

How to Clean DVDs First of all use an air puffer to blow off any dust that has settled on the DVD. Make sure the CD is completely dry (no water drops) before putting it away. But be careful not to over to it. http://allsoftwarereviews.com/how-to/cleaning-cds.php Powered by Mediawiki.

If polishing doesn’t work, apply a very thin coat of Vaseline, liquid car wax, neutral shoe polish, or furniture wax to the CD’s playing surface. Clean Dvd Movies Avoid extra-whitening formulas. It really works!

Commercial disc repair liquid: Disc repair solutions can be found in most electronic stores, either by themselves or as part of a disc-cleaning kit.

But now, I have a bad haze on the DVD. Reply Laura says November 14, 2014 at 1:13 am Well, I am very pleased to state that I have tried the toothpaste pure white paste. Wipe or rinse off any excess solution In many cases, you won’t even need to complete this step, as the disc will be pretty clean after you finish the polishing process. How To Clean A Dvd Disc With Scratches At Home Vinyl is known for eventually oozing stickiness.

Prevention To avoid having this problem in the future, make copies of your CDs and DVDs as soon as you notice any minor scratches on them. Chips- If the chip is inside the play area, and is not real deep, some can be repaired. The distance from the bulb should be about 10 cm (4 in). check over here Can Game Cube Discs be repaired?

Most any variety of paste (not gel) will do, although plainer is better than fancier, i.e., ixnay on the fancy Crest with the polishing beads and breath strips. This might be the time to recycle the DVD and invest in a new one. 2 If scratches aren't serious, get the DVD professionally resurfaced. Do not use any abrasive on the surface of the disc. Reply DJ says June 11, 2016 at 3:01 pm Thank you!

Rotate the disc, and continue wiping in this manner until you've worked your way all the way around the disc.4. Thank you all for this awesome tip. Use a Soft Cloth Use a soft cloth and a special cleaning solution for your DVDs. Brasso is a brand that continually comes up as good for cleaning CDs and DVDs.