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Cisco Jtapi Error Codes


Error Message %UC_DB-3-ErrorReadingInstalledRPMS:%[AppID=String][ClusterID=String][NodeID=String]:Could not read installed RPMs to populate component version table. A brief description displays with the error message along with an indication of which process generated the error and the event that occurred. This problem can occur on UNIX platforms. 5 Installer/Uninstaller throws exception or crashes during the installation process. Procedure Step1 Within the Cisco Unified Communications Manager configuration windows, add a CTI port device from the Device-Phone window by using the Device Wizard. http://allsoftwarereviews.com/error-code/cisco-ipcc-error-13100-jtapi-gateway.php

The Autoupdater feature in JTAPI also allows applications to download the latest version of JTAPI.JAR directly from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. 1. The new getAltScript() method provides alternate script information for an observed device. At least one Cisco CallManager service should be running in the cluster for CTIManager to register feature managers. Resolutions Collect the JTAPI trace and CTI Manager trace and contact IPCBU for further help if logs do not lead to root cause.

Cisco Finesse Error Codes

Recommended ActionEnsure that the primary file path is valid and the corresponding drive has sufficient disk space. Causes Timeout. Privacy represents a terminals property. If this is accidently removed then, upgrade/reinstall will have display issues.

CTIERR_TRANSFERFAILED_CALLCONTROL_TIMEOUT 1. Generated Sat, 19 Nov 2016 16:04:11 GMT by s_wx1196 (squid/3.5.20) Recommended ActionCheck the application sending the request or add the device to the user control list. Cti Warning The Device Identifier Is Not Valid To lock or unlock a user's account, under the Credential Information page, select or deselect the Locked by Administrator checkbox. 3) Account locked due to an extended period of inactivity: the

If unexpected behavior is observed, restart all Cisco services in the cluster. Finesse Error Code Cti-32 ExplanationThe process has requested memory from the operating system, and there was not enough memory available. The maximum packet size, for example, 30-milliseconds, represents the only other parameter that may be specified when a CiscoMediaCapability is constructed. http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucm/err_msgs/9_x/ccmalarms901.html Ensure that the APIs are upgraded to a compatible version, so the applications work as expected.

For JTAPI applications from JTPrefs choose Security and disable "Enable Secure Connection". The Device Identifier Is Not Valid Cti Os Error Message %UC_GENERIC-0-ServiceNotInstalled:%[ServiceName=String][AppID=String][ClusterID=String][NodeID=String]:Service is not installed.. Could be because of media mismatch or location mismatch 3. As a part of the QoS baselining effort in JTAPI, CiscoRTPOutputStartedEv provides the getPrecedenceValue() API to applications.

Finesse Error Code Cti-32

Most often this exception will be due to an issue in CTI/JTAPI and can be directly escalated to JTAPI/CTI teams without first escalating it to Unified CCX team. ExplanationProviderOpenRequest has an illegal filter size. Cisco Finesse Error Codes Error Message %UC_DB-3-ErrorChangeNotifyClientTimeout:%[AppID=String][ClusterID=String][NodeID=String]:A change notification client was responding slowly and has been removed.. Cisco Finesse "error Code: Cti-1" Directory from which uninstaller is invoked.

CTIERR_TIMEOUT 1. his comment is here IDS Replication has failed. Please ask your system administrator to associate your phone with the RM JTAPI Provider user ID according to the instructions in the Administrator Guide. Recommended ActionVerify the enterprise configuration settings and restart the IP Media Streaming Service. Finesse Error Code Cti-22

Check the Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer) and Disable script debugging (Other) check boxes. JTAPI applications receive the CiscoRTPOutputStartedEv and CiscoRTPInputStartedEv events that contain all the codec parameters that are necessary for sending and receiving RTP data. There are three possible statuses by calling TerminalConnection.getSelectStatus() as follows: •CiscoTerminalConnection. this contact form ExplanationThere are two kinds of incoming messages that Cisco Unified Communications Manager can accept from the voice messaging system; they are OP:MWI(SP)nnnnnnn!(D) and RMV:MWI(SP)nnnnnnn!(D) (where:nnnnnnnnnn = station number (can be 7

Error Message %UC_CTI-4-kCtiLineCallInfoResArrayOverflow:%[AppID=String][ClusterID=String][NodeID=String]:Possible internal array overflow condition while generating response to application request for call information.. Finesse Cti Error Codes PERERR_GW_E The JTAPI gateway generated the error. JTAPI provides a new method for CiscoTerminal to provide alternate script information.


The application should have Provider Observer onto the Provider object to receive this event. Barge and Privacy Event Notification The Barge Feature provides the ability for shared addresses to barge into an established call of address on another terminal. Causes Certain special operations can be performed on certain devices only 3. Unable To Perform Operation. Error Code Cti-1 When privacy is on for the call, the TerminalConnection for the call appearances on the shared address appear in the "InUse" state.

To unlock the user's account, the Administrator must change the password in Cisco Unified CM Administration by clicking under (User Management > End User/Application User), selecting the User and modifying the Error Message %UC_CTI-4-kCtiExistingCallNotifyArrayOverflow:%[AppID=String][ClusterID=String][NodeID=String]:Possible internal array overflow condition while generating CTI ExistingCall event.. PERERR_TELDRIVE The telephony driver layer generated the error. navigate here Then, change the order of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) servers to send the AXL requests to a different server.

This error message is displayed: Unable to log agent in In the corresponding agent.log file, this message appears: INFO ASL10008 Agent 7149 could not be found in agent list map. ExplanationApplication is unable to open the device Recommended ActionCheck the reason code and take appropriate action to resolve the issue Reason Code - Enum Definitions Enum Definitions - Reason Value Definition Resolutions Collect the MIVR logs, JTAPI trace and CTI Manager trace and contact CCBU for further help if logs do not lead to root cause. Recommended ActionRestart the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App service or restart server.

ExplanationDatabase layer could not find any working database connection. Prerequisites Requirements Cisco recommends that you have knowledge of these topics: Cisco CallManager Cisco IPCC Express Edition Cisco Desktop Product Suite Components Used The information in this document is based on JTPREFS is installed in the %SystemRoot%\java\lib directory along with the JTAPI classes. If the application vendor requests you to, install the JTAPI or TSP plugin (Cisco Unified CM Administration > Application > Plugins) and restart the application.

Call Pickup Call Pickup enables devices to receive alerts within Call Pickup Groups and events, to act on these alerts by invoking APIs that support variants of Call Pickup. The Cisco Unified Communications Solutions telephones and gateways, for example, include built-in RTP stacks. Error Message CTIERR_RECORDING_INVOCATION_TYPE_NOT_MATCHING Explanation This error code is returned when an application invokes a stopRecording() request and passes a method of recording other than the method that was specified when the The first message activates the message waiting indicator (MWI).

Causes This could be a problem on the CCM side 3. Recommended ActionMake sure that the cable connecting the USB0 port and voice messaging system is firmly connected. To clear the blocked client, you must restart the server.