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If the computer is on the local subnet, confirm that the name is spelled correctly and that the target computer is running TCP/IP as well. In a multi-user environment, you only have to setup your email settings once on the server, and then no matter how many changes there are to the workstations email clients, windows What am I doing wrong? This is not recommended as you may find that it works at some sites and not at others.

If you pour a bucket of water onto your roof, it will make it's way down to the gutters and down the drain pipe, and you'll get one "packet" out the G9) Question: How do I get NetSimple to work with SSL? Answer: Use NetDIP object or the the UseRemoteMachine Control Template or the NetAutoRemote DLL function. G3) Question Sometimes my NetSimple messages arrive mangled. hop over to this website

System Error 53 Has Occurred Net Use

LAN, WAN or Internet) then the NetSimple objects are the best choice. The speed of the connection, and the bandwidth of the connection, are not important (from a NetAuto point of view...) So assuming this is a WAN, then the machines that are Answer: NetSimple supports making both client and server SSL connections. 1) You'll need to distribute the correct SSL DLL files. 2) You'll probably need to distribute your CARoot file as well

Answer: 1) Be on the lookout for XP SP2 (see XP SP2). I2) : Question: FTP isn't working at one of my clients sites. NetTalk by default disables Media Sense, but you need to reboot in order for this to take effect. System Error 53 Has Occurred Windows 8 For example: Email uses <13,10> to identify the end of a line, and <13,10>.<13,10> to identify the end of the email.

Error: Invalid File Declaration Errorcode(): 47 Message Equate: Msg:OpenFailed Error Level: Fatal Error: File Already Open Errorcode(): 52 Message Equate: H Error Level: Benign Just marks the file as open and System Error 53 Net View This means for instance, that "dir \\laptop\c$" (where "laptop" is the name of your computer) and "ping" both fail on disconnected systems. J4) : Question: How do I Post data to an HTTPs web server, and how do I determine the Post string that is required?. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc940100.aspx Answer: Clarion 5 and Clarion 5.5 threading model won't allow you to create multi-threaded NT Services.

NetAuto by default allows you to load 5 instances (running copies) of NetAuto enabled applications on the same machine. System Error 53 Windows 10 Is there a Microsoft patch? If you are battling to download the latest version, then the .saf file is probably being cached in a proxy between you and our site. Note this must be a string variable NetOptions (NET:SETMAXINSTANCES, ourString) !

System Error 53 Net View

Four solutions spring to mind if you are displaying a Message: a) You can either get rid of the Message, b) After the Message, post say a (event:user+1) and in the This can give you the html portion of the HTML file. (You can turn the HTML portion into text using the NetWebClient.TextOnly() methods (or the methods that .TextOnly calls) but it System Error 53 Has Occurred Net Use You will notice the new features after adding it. System Error 53 Has Occurred Mapping Network Drive NetTalk Central Home Forum Download/Upload Links Search Home Forum NetTalk Web Server Web Server - Ask For Help ERROR: Too many segdef in file:E,4000 NetTalk Central November 19, 2016, 08:38:08 AM

What should I do? To do this go to the "Project" Menu, choose "Properties", choose the "Properties" button and change the "Target OS" to "Windows - 32-bit". D4) Question I'm getting an Error -73 when trying to open an SSL connection. Answer: For more info on what Media Sense is see http://www.capesoft.com/Cached/Q239924 How to Disable Media Sense.htm. Net Use System Error 5

Erskine, Owner, TopSpeed Certified Clarion Professional Website http://www.*-*-*.com/ email http://www.*-*-*.com/ ] ICQ 10761812 [ http://www.*-*-*.com/ ] eFax 240-414-1368 [ http://www.*-*-*.com/ ] (AreaCode is Maryland) Phone 415-331-6003 (Pacific Standard Time) Location Beautiful NetRefresh F1) : Question: I am trying to use NetRefresh, but it doesn't refresh Answer: Make sure you are using a Frame in the application and that there are no windows It will receive multiple packets, and put them together until this sequence is received... If you use the NetSimple objects then you are using TCP/IP at it's most basic level.

As always please make sure you ship the correct version of the NetTalk DLL that your application was compiled in, if you are building Stand-Alone applications.2) The default SSL options now System Error 53 Has Occurred Windows 10 The application could not find the NetTalk DLL. See Scenario One for more details.

You can download the patches that apply to your Windows 95 version (OSR1 or OSR2) C2) : Question: I am running Win95 and want to upgrade by Dial-Up Networking?

Member Posts: 284 Re: ERROR: Too many segdef in file:E,4000 « Reply #5 on: July 01, 2014, 02:08:09 PM » AllanI also have had this problem with a Form that has This documentation is archived and is not being maintained. Answer: There are two things you need to bear in mind: 1) The Global Unique Identifier (GUID) is stored in the registry. System Error 53 Has Occurred Windows 2012 error code (53): not a valid clarion file 2.

Answer: The problem in this situation is because NetTalk is mostly asynchronous. G4) : Question: I am getting -34 (ERROR:ClientNotConnected) errors - what do I do? Logged Terry DavidsonWindows 8.1 64 bit/Windows7 64bitClarion 9.1.11529/Clarion10 112278Nettalk 9.13/StringTheory2.50/Winevent3.99/XFiles283/MessageBox238/Cryptonite181 alan Jr. A11) Question How do I get NetAuto to work through a firewall or Proxy Server?

It is because of these packet complexities that we wrote the NetAuto protocol and the NetAuto objects (these are different from NetSimple). Member Posts: 54 Re: ERROR: Too many segdef in file:E,4000 « Reply #1 on: June 30, 2014, 01:30:42 AM » Hi,I remember that suppressing comments might help. A19) : Question: I would like to try out NetTalk in my program before I purchase it. A13) Question How does NetAuto really work?

You can change this using the NetOptions DLL function to allow more (or less) instances. Do you have a demo for me to try out? Flexfile for Clipper 53 ? 9. So in the .Process() I do something like this: case self.packet.packetType ! -------------------------- of NET:SimpleNewConnection !create a new entry in the queue of NET:SimplePartialDataPacket !lookup the correct item in

If your server program is "transient" (by that I mean if you cannot rely on the server program being available, or if the server program often gets stopped), then from time Is there anything I need to bear in mind. A17) Question What Ports does NetAuto use? Legacy Applications and NetTalk (recommended reading) If you are building a Legacy application in Clarion you need to add the following define (Project Menu - Properties - Properties button - Defines)

This can help you find bugs in your application, or it confirms a bug in NetTalk. 3) Have a look in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - maybe what you are Of course, for those who haven't experienced this yet, there's no requirement that splitting, or joining HAS to happen. When I try to run my program on my home machine it works fine. (Win2K) When I run the program at the client site I get ERROR 53 - Invalid Clarion I get the same error, but with a differnt file listed.