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Cme Error 515


This SMS should be treated in all cases. In case the hyperterminal is used, the CONNECT string is displayed while making a GPRS call. When the device is configured to make a connection to a 3rd party server to use IDS services and not to make a connection to the Wavecom one, it should be This is done by the GSM modem Check if your GSM phone or modem supports SMS text mode To check if your modem supports this text mode, you can try the

The Wireless CPU® sends an empty list to the IDS server. SYS INIT 7.4a 53326 The OPEN AT® application using old Task Init "wm_apmCustomStackSize" can fail on start-up, when u16 value just given after address of wm_apmCustomStackSize differ from 0 (linker dependent). AT OTHER 7.3a 49475 When using the command +CPBW, the value of TON/NPI only allows 145 and 129. The modem will respond like this: +CSCS: ("GSM","PCCP437″,"CUSTOM","HEX") If this string contains "HEX" or "UCS2", Unicode seems to be supported. http://www.smssolutions.net/tutorials/gsm/gsmerrorcodes/

Cme Error 3

The AT command AT+CPMS? GSM RR 57354 If an AT command is sent consecutively from TE, then command it is not executed successfully after some executions whereas in the ideal scenario, it should execute every For example, if "AT+WIND=255" and "AT+CREG=1" are set before, once the Wireless CPU® is powered off (as described in "How to reproduce it" field), the unsolicited response "+WIND: 8" and "+CREG: Maybe the modem is slow enough to receive several messages in a time.

Or, if I send broadcast messages, the kannel only sent two first seen messages and forgot another :-). The device could relaunch the connection in these cases. GPRS OTHER 7.42 56403 Using WIPSoft, when GPRS bearer is started with wrong APN parameters, no error response is received. Sms Error Code 69 Embedded RDMS RDMS 7.3a 52232 and ANO53072 When the SMS bootstrap are received to provision the NAP, the Wireless CPU® resets.

DEVICE CMUX 7.4a 56109 When the user switches from AT mode to DATA mode using WIPSoft, sometimes CONNECT indication is received in between the data transfer. Cms Error command the target answers +IPR:XXXXX. If the value for the polling mode is higher than 20 minutes, the timer between two automatic connections is not a correct value and the time is shorter than required. http://www.kannel.org/pipermail/users/2010-May/010826.html In case the application interrogates the target with the AT+IPR?

AT OTHER 7.3a 52329 H command allows the application to release calls. Cms Error 304 Harish Tella -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... No melody is heard after the BEEP sound of the Call Waiting indication as the audio resource SPEAKER is now allocated to Call Waiting indication and context for audio (Melody) is DEVICE CMUX 7.42 56120 Wrong behavior when embedded module received a DISC0 DEVICE CMUX 7.42 56232 When CMUX configuration is set and sleep mode is enabled (AT+W32k=1), sleep mode may not

Cms Error

For any IDS connection done after, always returns error code 652. http://www.multitech.com/support/resolutionid/5025699 On modems that use a Siemens chipset it means invalid characters in the address string. Cme Error 3 For the ideal scenario, the response should be the correct version of the OS that was released with the Firmware i.e. Cme Error 50 The bytes in the user data field got changed.

That's why most advanced GSM devices support extended errors. The syntax of this extended error is either "+CMS ERROR: xxx" or "+CME ERROR: xxx". AT STK 7.4a 55988 When a large file is transferred through more than 1 UART (physical/virtual) there may be a data loss and data corruption (some junk characters are displayed). DEVICE OTHER 48617 If a user send or write the SMS with DCS as default GSM and store it in ME memory, then the SMS data when read is not displayed Cms Error: 50

OTHER OTHER 7.42 55444 Backtrace "!WRONG SIM CMD PARAMETER: 67xx" is received for SIM command parameter 3 every time an embedded module is started. In ideal scenario, +CME ERROR: 812 should be received. AT OTHER 49719 Even if the Device Services are in prohibited state (see +WDSG command), if the firmware is downloaded in the Embedded module using the WPK, the Device Services flash AT OTHER 7.43 57476 Incorrect AT response of AT+CNUM and AT+CIMI when STLK REFRESH with option is activated.

I'm in a hurry to solve this and greatly appreciate any help. Cms Error Codes AT SMS 7.3a 52251 After an UART3 opening and closing sequence, it is not any longer possible to open the UART3. On DTR drop, PSC (sleep frame) is sent, but embedded module may not have entered in sleep mode.

The ME shall then deactivate the SIM/ME interface within 5 seconds and reject the SIM.

AT OTHER 51793 When a get input is received with @ (i.e. 0x00) in the text string, only the characters before the @ are displayed. It should be only increases when the Wireless CPU® is in full services (and decrease otherwise) Embedded RDMS RDMS 7.3a 50378 and ANO52379 Using IDS service, when the server requests the The following table summarizes the files needed to upgrade your embedded module with this Firmware version. Error Code 44 In Uninor SIM OTHER 7.42 55462 [AirPrime Q26Extreme] SIM card interoperability issue exists, if a bad TERMINAL_PROFILE response is received from the SIM (from SIM Toolkit Application).

Did not received the activation email? OTHER OTHER 54016 Using Management Services for AirPrime service, the Embedded module can send an automatic report to the Management Services for AirPrime server when a trigger is configured for coverage. Instead of just displaying the "ERROR" message, it also shows an error number. DEVICE ADC/BAT 7.43 57082 Reset may occur when unsolicited should wait to be sent to a port which is not ready yet (port not opened via hyperterminal, port which is still

DEVICE V24 57068 When the customer disables the hardware flow control in Embedded module using the AT command “AT+IFC=0,0”, CTS drops Low. B) Delays in the cellular registration process that can occur in certain situations or with certain SIM cards. Due to this when AT+CSQ is issued continuously +CME ERROR: 515 is received. Modem Response (2): +CMS ERROR: 193 +CMS ERROR: 515...

B) Older iSMS Server firmware not tolerant to delays in +wind response. DEVICE CMUX 55006 [AirPrime Q26Extreme]The Flash LED still flashing on Embedded module, even after removing the antenna (+CREG: 2). Instead of just displaying the "ERROR" message, it also shows an error number. v06.31 for FW version B74f onwards till B74l.

If this SMS is sent to the Wireless CPU® before its registration on the server, this SMS is well treated. home news doc (v3) doc (v4) discuss download @github Table Of ContentsGSM ErrorsIntroductionCMS (GSM Network Related) errorsCME (GSM Equipment Related) errors GSM Errors Introduction CMS and CME errors are error codes AT OTHER 54733 When auto answer is activated on a closed port, a reset happen when an incoming call is received. This would ensure faster and complete data transfer using EDGE, even when embedded module is overloaded (example- usage of CMUX).

Sometimes, reset occurs only after hanging up an outgoing call. EGPRS RLC 7.4 52847 When reading on I2C bus in a loop, Wireless CPU® freezes. RTK TIMER 7.4a 53243 Response for AT+CPWD command is not received when trying to change the SIM PIN code. DEVICE V24 7.4a 53965 When the URL set in internal e2p is wrong, the Wireless CPU® doesn't display any +WDSI indications, or it displays a +WDSI: 4 indication (it shouldn't, no