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Clarion Error Code 90

The SQL User login must be the dbowner of the database (MsSQL). This is normally not necessary (with FM3), as your file will not error 47 if there are extra fields or fields with longer dimensions (like if you change a string(200) to Be sure not to name your tables, fields, and keys with reserved SQL keywords, such as "Date". Often Clarion programmers will create keys for sorting purposes etc., which are not necessary as indexes on the SQL Backend. navigate here

This is an exact synonym for DCTMasterKeys. We decided that in FM3's case, the Dictionary is the master, and therefore the backend must be "big enough" to handle any data passed from the frontend. Error: Too Many Open Files Errorcode(): 04 Message Equate: Msg:OpenFailed Error Level: Fatal Error: Access Denied Errorcode(): 05 Message Equate: H Error Level: Fatal It tries to recover the file. For more information on how to use User Options in FM3, see the Dictionary User Option Reference.

Let me explain further... So, now that everyone understands, here is how you do it. Check out this article: http://www.sqlservercentral.com/columnists/mcoles/fourrulesfornulls.asp Server side Auto-incrementing In flat files, your application has to handle auto-numbering for your auto-incrementing keys.

Reals Did You Know? Long post : Full lists of errorcodes I've found so far (with a few solutions) 8. Set the Full Path Name for SQL (e.g.: owner.myfilename). Build it something like this: Code example: CLARION: Customers file,pre(CUS),driver('MSSQL') PK_Customers key(CustomerID),primary,nocase FK_Countries key(CountryID),nocase !

Code example: CLARION: MyLargeString cstring(10000) SQL: MyLargeString text (mssql) MyLargeString clob (oracle) MSSQL - UniqueIdentifier Did you know? You must also be aware though, that if you add Key level options, and the key is deleted in due course, FM3 will not know what it's setting may have been, In terms of using SQL with Clarion, there are often some mindsets that might need to be broken, as Clarion can be very forgiving in terms of database design and implementation http://www.lawebdelprogramador.com/foros/Clarion/581544-Error-90.html The Firebird ODBC drivers: For example: Firebird_ODBC_1.2.0.69-Win32.exe You will need these ODBC drivers installed on each machine that will be running your application so that it can connect to your database.

Compile and run your application. L:SQL = 'select * from cl_clire where cd_repre = ' & REP:Cd_Repre & ';' What data type is this one? scrolling from -90 to 90 4. If you have a string(20) in your dictionary, then restrict the data entry to 20, bump the size up to 60 and this will be a better working solution in PostgreSQL.

If you have already been using FM2/3 in your application, or have completed the steps above, then a upg.tps file should already exist, and you can follow these instructions. http://www.icetips.com/showarticle.php?articleid=708 Now we can create the table - which happens only in memory - and access the data.   Code   !! If you double click on it, you’ll see the database properties: GDS32.dll Without this DLL your Firebird applications won’t work. If ErrorCode() Message('Error in PROP:SQL (' & ErrorCode() & ') ' & Clip(Error()) & Choose(ErrorCode()=90,| '||Server error (' & FileErrorCode() & ') ' & Clip(FileError(),''), ICON:Exclamation) Return End  Loop     Next(TurboSQLTable)

You, the developer or Some DBA or other 3rd party In some SQL environments, you the developer are not permitted to change anything on the backend, especially without permission. check over here Copy the backup file (.bak) to a place on the server pc (preferably). To use this feature, we've added String User Option which can be set at File or Dictionary level. In other words, this option set at key level overrides the file level option, which in turn overrides the Dictionary level option.

Please understand that it is not always necessary to make things more complicated than they are, and that this control template, and amount of generated code means your program works as Each byte can contain any value from 0 to 255. We are currently working on a utility to edit your dictionary into a structure that works for SQL and DIM. his comment is here Extra fields are a no-no, different length fields, etc.

You must also be aware though, that if you add Key level options, and the key is deleted in due course, FM3 will not know what it's setting may have been, Who is in charge of the Database backend? Applications that only started using Replicate at Replicate version 2.11 or above, are generated with GUIDs that are legal text characters.

For Oracle, change to SREAL.

Remove that. option two is this... For example: ibep_2004.10.30.1_full.exe Tip: The first time you run this app it displays an error. The Connect procedure happens really early on in your program, and it is important that no upgradable files are opened before or during this procedure.

This is where your application makes it's first connection to the SQL backend, and allows FM3 to perform it's initialization process, which includes collecting some vital information for FM3's File Management Just wanting to tell you that you need to declare the table owner (Owner Name). It’s probably worth shipping a copy of this DLL with your application. weblink They are DctMasterFields for dictionary and file level, and DctMasterField at field level.

ERRORCODE() if floppy is full 12. On the Files Properties window make a note of the mdf and ldf files used for the database. Familiarise yourself with FM2's AutoUP feature by trying out the Jump Start example for TPS. Computed Fields If you require a computed field on the backend, and you would like to use the computed field in your application, then you'll need to add that to your

Seriously. On the Field User Options for those fields, enter: ForceSQLDataType binary A Caveat with this approach: Clarion does not handle binary data in browses very well. Example: (Calling from SQL Query Analyser) Example declare @rs int-- return status declare @cd int-- clarion date - can be a field in a table declare @ct int-- clarion time -