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Cisco Error Command Is Not Mutually Exclusive


Feature commands are not allowed to be configured within SP and have to be configured on BOTH peers from conf-t. Stub configuration stanza removal If it is impossible to remove stub configuration stanzas (the opening line of a block, starting a subcontext in the configuration file - e.g. Correct the configurations and reissue the commit from the peer with the corrected configuration. Solution Correct the commands, references, and reissue the delete. http://allsoftwarereviews.com/cisco-error/cisco-error-standby-doesn-t-support-this-command.php

Solution Delete the command from conf-t mode and run verify from config-sync mode. Take care. Running configuration getting out step Sometimes, the running configuration can get out of step with the local configuration and synchronised switch-profile configuration - everything looks correct when you look at the If switch-profile has taken the lock, the client id is reported as 1 in the show system internal csm global info command. – Use the show switch-profile status command to determine https://supportforums.cisco.com/document/90456/nexus-5000-troubleshooting-guide

Remove Interface From Switch-profile

Global-db modification in progress Possible Cause Verify cannot be performed when global-db is being updated on the local/peer side. Was this Document Helpful? Example: No of sessions: 1 (Max: 32) Total number of commands: 0 (Max: 102400) Session Database Lock Info: Locked Client: 2 (1: SSN, 2: CONF-T) Ref count: zero-based ref-count Lock acquired Les peers sont identifiés par leur adresse IP et ils sont locaux à chaque profile.Les commandes entrées en mode config-sync sont mises en tampon tant qu'elles ne sont pas appliquées.

This is command is useful when commands in the buffer are not ordered correctly. Solution Stop rollback or wait for it to complete and run verify. Commit Successful Now, let's check the configuration on 5K3 for those ports 5K3# show run interface e113/1/1,e114/1/1 !Command: show running-config interface Ethernet113/1/1, Ethernet114/1/1 !Time: Wed May 27 00:25:44 2015 version 5.2(1)N1(7) Cisco Fex Incompatible Topology End with CNTL/Z.

I have on question regarding your vPC setup between N5k´s and the N7k´s: Why do you use 2 vPC´s (for each N7k) instead of one vPC between both N7k? Resync-database Nexus rcvd _rev: 0, expected_rev: 0 interface Ethernet1/3 switchport mode fex-fabric interface Ethernet1/3 fex associate 102 interface Ethernet1/3 channel-group 102 Pour modifier ou supprimer la configuration, retourner dans le mode dans lequel la configuration a été entrée. ! http://nexp.com.ua/technologies/nx-os/troubleshooting-nx-os-config-sync/ If you have carefully read Cisco's Config Sync … there is a command to force … bridge-domain .

Be open for the possibility that the file taken from the web may not work. Failed To Commit: Commit Failed This means that the configuration from the previously configured switch is imported and committed on the other switch. Switch Profiles can only support a configuration sync across the Mgmt0 interfaces.  For this test I cabled each Mgmt0 interface on both test-5k-sw1 and test-5k-sw2 together, you can however sync across NX-OS 5.x) when Config Sync mode had many various limitations.

Resync-database Nexus

n5k-bottom(config-sync)# switch-profile wcdc-b Switch-Profile started, Profile ID is 1 n5k-bottom(config-sync-sp)# import running-config n5k-bottom(config-sync-sp-import)# show system internal csm info global-db cmd-tbl | sec "fex 103" parent_seq_no= 0, seq_no= 8, clone_seq_no= 0, cmd= The user must verify that the configurations are the same under SP on peer switches and then add the sync-peer command to the configuration. Remove Interface From Switch-profile We got the same problem after recent firmware update Reply Tim Dmitrenko says: 28/02/2014 at 12:36 Hi Andrew This issue has been spotted on 6.0(2)N1(2). Fex Identity Mismatch Cisco Ucs It is best to try and avoid commands being implicitly inserted and enter them explicitly.

This solution helped me! his comment is here For example, if you add a FEX to the switch profile: n5k-bottom# conf sync n5k-bottom(config-sync)# switch-profile wcdc-b Switch-Profile started, Profile ID is 1 n5k-bottom(config-sync-sp)# fex 103 n5k-bottom(config-sync-sp-fex)# commit Verification successful... This error message indicates that some feature commands have not been configured. Use the show switch-profile status command and determine which configurations failed to merge. Config Sync Nexus 5000

For test purposes, we will use “test-sync”.  The name is case sensitive as well so if you get cute with the naming convention changing it later requires deleting the switch profile Remove the unwanted parts in configure terminal mode. Note Use the show system internal csm info trace command to view events, trace, and error messages. http://allsoftwarereviews.com/cisco-error/cisco-error-46-fix.php Unfortunately, haven't tried this solution yet - boxes are in production.

This is mainly because it is not always that you have all the resources to get a new operating system or re-install everything. Sync-status: Not Yet Merged Process of checking or synchronizing the config? Config-revision getting out of step I'm not sure how I got in this state, but I was testing FEX preprovisioning and what happened when the configured model mismatches the connected one,

This will enable spanning tree Bridge Assurance on vPC peer-link provided the STP Bridge Assurance (which is enabled by default) is not disabled.

Reply Tim Dmitrenko says: 23/01/2014 at 20:20 Welcome! Configuration Rollback One of the cool new features in Nexus is the ability to roll back configs with ease. In fact, everything that's covered in this article is NON disruptive. Fex Type Mismatch I recalled these commands were part of the Global configuration mode before I reset port's configuration to default!

If the command was configured before reload/issu, add the command back. Please avoid other configuration changes during this time. Use the buffer-move and buffer-delete commands to remove commands not to be synced and then commit the configurations. navigate here Merge after reload Possible Cause After a switch is reloaded, it sends its switch-profile configuration to the peer.

The only scenario which this can be true is when you are using a FET-10G SFP between your N2K and N5K. A merge is initiated when CFS sends a peer add for the peer or if the peer is already reachable. So it was in my case - I have checked running-config, confirmed it looked ok, but had no idea about those internal structures which didn't reflect some of my recent changes. Peer unable to accept lock request Possible Cause Verify cannot be performed when the peer is unable to accept the lock request.

Nexus 1 : Nexus 1# show vpc brief Legend:                (*) - local vPC is down, forwarding via vPC peer-linkvPC domain id                     : 1   Peer status                       : peer adjacency formed ok      vPC The great thing to do is open the computer in safe mode so that you can uninstall the software recently added, also remove any hardware devices attached to it. In this post, I will show a Switch Profile configuration example. That's it, pretty simple.

Nexus 2 : feature vpcfeature lacp vrf context management  ip route interface mgmt0  ip address vpc domain 1  role priority 2  peer-keepalive destination interface port-channel1  description Peer-Link  stanti Jan 26th, 2012 … ← Previous Post Next Post → If you enjoyed this article please consider sharing it! Everything seemed to be ok with exception of one single FEX interface that I wasn't able to configure at all, with no difference in what configuration mode I tried to do I´ve also started to configure our N5k with switch profiles and it works very well for all kind of shared configs between the Nexus switches.

Provides an import command to migrate existing vPC configurations to a switch profile.